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Buzzing Gone Away

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the super job you did on blocking out the loud buzzing sound in our shipping area.  With the buzzing gone away, everyone here at Semiconductor Diagnostics is pleased and the noise level has noticeably diminished.

Amy M. Mueller
Semiconductor Diagnostics, Inc.

As a leading solution provider and manufacturer of noise attenuation materials, Acoustiblok offers a full range of services and products to solve noise and vibration issues, including problem identification, acoustical testing, engineering, installation support, and post-installation testing to ensure that our materials are properly implemented and noise control objectives are achieved.

Truly revolutionary, the “Acoustical Real-Time Video Imaging System”. (ARTVIS) allows to actually “see” sound in real-time, as you would “see” thermal contours with a Flir infrared camera. Not only can one measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise and its reflections, but also visually identify the direction, source and frequency spectrum of the noise. Although a bit expensive (just under $200,000), this system provides us with an extremely powerful capability to immediately address noise problems with a very high degree of confidence, thus saving an incalculable amount of time and money.

Buzzing Gone Away

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