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Chill Quietly Please

Our experience with Acoustiblok was absolutely positive and even exceeded our expectations. This hospital project had a severe acoustic problem due to the fact that the only feasible location for the chilled water plants (90 tons each) of the A/C system is right next to the building, specifically 4 feet apart from the intern’s dormitories!!!!!

Once the chillers were installed, the owner discovered that the high pitch (very uncomfortable) noise produced by the rotary screw compressors went through the structural concrete walls like nothing, measuring up to 67 dBA inside the dorms and adjacent areas.

With just 3 weeks prior to the deadline, I recommended a perimeter acoustical barrier wall to deflect sound out of the hospital walls, the wall was simply made out of Sheetrock and a single layer of Acoustiblok, it only took a week to finish it and we obtained an impressive 20 dbA sound transmission loss in that same areas, now under

Previous installed walls in similar applications made out of concrete or concrete and Styrofoam cost more time and money and are only half as efficient as the Acoustiblok solution, I definitively recommend to give Acoustiblok a try, you´ll be impressed, just like us!!!

PROJECT: Calderón Guardia Hospital: New E.R. Building

Francisco Brenes

As a leading solution provider and manufacturer of noise attenuation materials, Acoustiblok offers a full range of services and products to solve noise and vibration issues, including problem identification, acoustical testing, engineering, installation support, and post-installation testing to ensure that our materials are properly implemented and noise control objectives are achieved.

Truly revolutionary, the “Acoustical Real-Time Video Imaging System”. (ARTVIS) allows to actually “see” sound in real-time, as you would “see” thermal contours with a Flir infrared camera. Not only can one measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise and its reflections, but also visually identify the direction, source and frequency spectrum of the noise. Although a bit expensive (just under $200,000), this system provides us with an extremely powerful capability to immediately address noise problems with a very high degree of confidence, thus saving an incalculable amount of time and money.

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