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Plastic Shed Enclosure

The images seen below show step-by-step details of Acoustiblok & QuietFiber as they are installed in a plastic shed for a generator enclosure. (Model shown is Suncast)

Assembled Shed – Closed

Assembled Shed – Open

Installed Base with Pull Out Shelf

Air Intake with Louver Motor

Exhaust Fan Close Up

Intake, Exhaust & Sliding Shelf

Acoustiblok Fastened with #8 x 1.25 Wafer Head – Fine Threaded

Overlap at Door Closing

Cut-Out Exhaust/Intake

Cut-Out for Electric Cord and Gas Line

Cut-Out for Electric Cord and Gas Line

Acoustiblok FCA10 Adhesive for Seams

Completed Acoustiblok Installation

AcoustiGrip Tape on Seams

Plastic Deck Ledger for Frame of QuietFiber

Framed QuietFiber Panel for Lid

QuietFiber Panel Installed in Lid

QuietFiber in Exhaust & Intake Hoods

Completed Enclosure with Acoustiblok & QuietFiber

Plastic Shed Enclosure

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