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Aurora Films Soundstage Sound Mitigation

Belfast’s Paint Hall Studio, Europe’s largest film studio that is located in the historically renowned Titanic Quarter of the city, needed to dramatically reduce outside noise pollution from entering its massive sets in time for its biggest film production to date.

While the Studio’s double skinned cell construction combats general noise pollution on set, the buildings massive 75ft doors were found to be leaking sound.
Before it was a film studio, Paint Hall was part of Belfast’s historic Harland & Wolff Shipyards, where the Titanic and other ships were built. Ship Hall was used for painting huge portions of ships in climate-controlled conditions and these doors were the means of ingress and egress for the giant ships.

The pressure was on to find a solution to the ambient noise infiltrating the massive (1,094,755 cubic feet) structure from nearby construction, heavy main road traffic and overhead aircraft. These problems needed to be corrected before filming could start on a new project and the result had to be effective enough to satisfy the sensitive microphones used in filmmaking, which easily pick up background sound.

Aurora Films Soundstage Sound Mitigation

Aurora Films Soundstage Sound Mitigation

Sound Level Outside & Inside Aurora Films Soundstage

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