Tesla Stationary Power-Unit Enclosure

AcoustiFence® Power Storage Unit Enclosure Project

Tesla Stationary Power-Unit Enclosure

Tesla Stationary Power-Unit Enclosure – Acoustiblok was contacted for help reducing the noise coming from their Tesla power storage unit. After speaking with one of our noise abatement specialists, they decided to replace their “sound blankets” with the non-deteriorating AcoustiFence that was specified for a wood fence structure around the humming Tesla Stationary Power Storage Unit to create a better sound attenuating enclosure.

Per the installation contractor: “There have been no complaints since the AcoustiFence was installed and the AcoustiFence material provides a much cleaner look than sound blankets.”

If you have a similar problem with the noise from power storage units, give us a call and one of our noise abatement specialists can help you develop a solution to meet your needs.

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