Baxter Regional Hospital HVAC Noise Enclosure

All Weather Sound Panel HVAC Noise Reduction Project

Hospital HVAC Noise Enclosure

Hospital HVAC Noise Enclosure – Baxter Regional Medical Center purchased a 170-ton HVAC system and backup generator for the exclusive use of the surgery department. It was installed in the back of the hospital close to the surgery unit, a seemingly perfect location away from view. Unfortunately, soon after the HVAC and standby generator were installed Baxter started to receive complaints from residents on the hill behind the hospital. The units had been installed at the bottom of the hill and the sound was creating an amphitheater effect; the sound was traveling directly up the hill into the resident’s homes.

Baxter’s Director of Engineering, Marshall Campbell, headed up the project to find a solution to the noise problem. An independent acoustic consultant was called in to do a site analysis and give his recommendations. The initial sound measurements revealed a constant tone in the 250-315Hz range on the hill where the residents were being impacted.

After reviewing several options, BRMC decided to go with Acoustiblok’s IAWSP’s to resolve the problem. According to Campbell: “The installation went smoothly and the panels look great. Our Acoustiblok consultant, Jay Boland, was very helpful and knowledgable. He called me back quickly with the answer when I had questions. I would recommend the panels for similar noise problems. We are currently considering Acoustiblok products for a new project to reduce noise on our Medical/Surgical floors. We are a patient-centered organization and want to do everything possible to facilitate patient healing.

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Hospital HVAC Noise Enclosure
Hospital HVAC Noise Enclosure

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