QuietFiber Lined AC Enclosure

QuietFiber Residential AC Partial Enclosure Project

QuietFiber Lined AC Enclosure

QuietFiber Lined AC Enclosure – Acoustiblok Inc. was contacted to help a customer resolve an issue with a noisy residential AC unit that was bothering the neighbors and causing complaints. The Acoustiblok noise abatement specialist recommended a solution that utilized our sound absorption insulation material.  QuietFiber® was used to line the inside of a cedar fence enclosure that was built around the offending air conditioning unit, absorbing a large portion of the sound.

Per the satisfied customer: “Even with the openings and gap at the bottom, the noise was reduced by at least 50%. I am very happy with the results.”

If you have a similar problem, give us a call and talk to one of our noise abatement specialists.  We can design a custom solution to meet your needs and provide the peace and quiet that you deserve.

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