Commercial Facility Noise Reduction

A core philosophy of Acoustiblok centers on ensuring that new construction projects meet modern sound abatement regulations and requirements. But the need for noise abatement in existing facilities is every bit as important. It impacts the safety and well-being of those workers who keep our economy moving and growing.

Noise abatement remediation efforts are needed across a wide spectrum of facility types, including but not limited to the following:


Is background chatter in your office making it hard to have an efficient workplace? Is confidentiality being compromised? Does your boardroom sound like a cave? Do your clients hear your co-worker as clearly as they hear you over the phone? Whatever the acoustic issue in your office, we can help.

Acoustiblok has multiple product categories to mitigate the everyday noise levels in your work place. Acoustiblok’s Blok16 is our flagship material used for sound isolation between two interior spaces. This material should be introduced at the framing stage of construction or remodeling. Blok16 will make normal conversation levels unintelligible from one office to another. We also produce Acoustiblok Wall-Cover (AWC); this is a retrofit material capable of the same outstanding performance as our original Blok16. AWC is available in a class “A” fire-rated version and a standard material for surface installation. AWC can be installed directly on top of your existing wall; AWC’s unique composition is comprised of a silver mesh finish, thermo-bonded to Blok16, and melamine foam backing. AWC will give you the same high performance of an STC of 53 when installed on a standard 3-5/8 inches gypsum/metal stud wall assembly.

If your office has more reflections than a room full of mirrors, then QuietFiber (QF-2) will help in reducing the effects of all those hard surfaces. QF-2 is a sound absorption material used to soak up all of those unwanted reflections. Reflections are tricky; too many, makes your space sound like a cave or gymnasium. To little and it makes the space feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. We can help you create a great feeling soundscape utilizing strategically placed QF-2 panels. We will optimize the “RT” of your workplace to promote a healthy, happy, and productive space that people enjoy working in.

Whatever your needs, Acoustiblok is here to help you engineer a safe and engaging work environment. Please feel free to contact us directly to consult with an office space sound specialist.


From “Top Secret” facilities, SCIF’s, standard departmental areas, private and confidential workspaces are achieved when implementing Acoustiblok systems.

Acoustiblok has been used in hundreds of these settings; its original purpose was to prevent people from hearing what was going on in adjacent rooms.

Human dialogue tends to travel through conventional wall assemblies easily, but when Acoustiblok’s (Blok16) or (Blok32) is added to a standard wall or ceiling assembly, the entire assembly is enhanced in terms of sound transmission loss. By combining our proprietary isolation membrane with conventional construction materials we change the natural resonance of these assemblies; making speech virtually unintelligible. The overall sound level is reduced by 85-90% when a simple layer of Acoustiblok is added to a standard wall assembly.

If intelligibility within one of these spaces is what you’re looking for, then QuietFiber is the solution. QuietFiber (QF-2) is a raw absorption material that can be integrated into the aesthetic of any room quite easily. Wall panels can be custom made with it and ceiling tiles can be replaced with it. By implementing QF-2 you can absorb those reflection build-ups that plague so many offices and boardrooms. When the reflections are absorbed in a space, the direct sound (voices) becomes more intelligible and the entire space becomes less fatiguing. QF-2 is available is a variety of sizes, shapes, and densities to help fix what ever acoustical challenges you’re up against.

Whatever your needs in terms of sound control, Acoustiblok is here to help you obtain the level of privacy you need at your government facility. Please feel free to contact us directly to speak with a governmental facilities specialist.

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Commercial Facility Noise ReductionCommercial Facility Noise ReductionCommercial Facility Noise Reduction


Just about every utilities facility will be challenged by noisy equipment. Electric motors, gas regulators, compressors, you name it and you can find one of the above or some other type of machine that contributes to the noisy environment. In these types of environments safety is of the upmost importance. Acoustiblok has U.L. certified products that will meet or exceed the standards that you’re EH&S Managers are looking for. Our Patented “All Weather Sound Panels” have one of the highest levels of performance, sustainability and versatility on the market. They truly are in a class all their own. Our AcoustiFence is a lifesaver. Quick installation, high performance and champagne on a beer budget! Our barrier systems on average help attenuate from 12-19dB.

• Directional absorption/barrier systems
• Modular components
• 2” profile for tight fits.
• Patented “All Weather Sound Panel”
• No mold or mildew accumulation.

Please feel free to contact us to speak with one of our utility facility specialists.
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Would you want these guys to be abruptly disturbed due to NOISE???

We didn’t think so!!!

Hospitals have noises that, unfortunately, will always be present. But there are noises that can be controlled, and areas of the hospital that have to remain free of interruptions. The NICU, PACU, and all healing environments can be free of unnecessary dins that can have a direct effect on recovery time.

Acoustiblok’s Blok16  & QF-4 are the solution for dramatically reducing the sound transmissions through hospital walls, ceilings and floors. The unique linear attenuation that is created when Blok16 is added to gypsum assemblies provides enhanced noise isolation at frequency ranges wherein gypsum has inherent deficiencies. These frequency ranges are still evident with as much as four layers of gypsum applied to a wall assembly. Blok16 changes the internal damping of the wall and not only adds essential mass to the wall, but it also enhances the flexibility and stiffness, changing the natural resonance of the structure. This is why a wall with Blok16 has a more linear (without dramatic dips and peaks) transmission loss than that of multiple layers of Gypsum or hybrid gypsum designs encompassing adhesives and other variations. If access to internal wall assemblies is needed, and quieter rooms are a must, Blok16 is essential.

Please give us a call to speak with one of our healthcare noise specialists to help you enhance the healing environment at your facility.

Project Examples & Information

Commercial Facility Noise ReductionCommercial Facility Noise ReductionCommercial Facility Noise Reduction


Schools have more noise than ever these days, whether it is from facility mechanicals, routine maintenance or larger classrooms. If you have a school that is suffering from any of these problems or that has other noise issues, Acoustiblok has solutions.

Acoustiblok’s Indoor Sound Absorption Panels (ISP’s) are available in a wide variety of application specific designs and are manufactured to order! Used for reflection control in common spaces, these panels are great for a quick installation. They have an NRC of 1.0 and can be installed vertically or horizontally. These panels are custom built for your needs and available with any Guilford of Maine acoustical fabrics requested at the time of order. These panels are our most popular indoor panels.

When wall space is at a premium and you need a lot of absorption for your room, Acoustiblok Baffle Systems (ABS) give you the highest amount of absorption area per panel. These baffle panels feature six sides of absorption, custom sizing, and can help you add to not only the function of the ceiling (acoustical quality) but give you the ability to inject an architectural element that is normally ignored. ABS’s can be arranged in a myriad of configurations to add to the style of your classroom or auditorium. All ABS’s have an NRC of 1.0 or higher, are available in dozens of color combinations, and are built to order.

If you need to retrofit an existing drop ceiling,