Entertainment Facilities Noise Reduction

When was the last time you went to a show or event hosted in a performing arts center, playhouse or indoor concert hall? Chances are the acoustics were not that great. This is a problem that Acoustiblok can help with. From sound isolation to reflection control and manipulation, Acoustiblok has unique and innovative products for every aspect of the acoustical treatment.

Our wall assembly systems tackle a dynamic range of frequencies to aid in keeping the show or performance contained within the venue. With high damping and sound absorption that extends much wider than the STC criteria, our assemblies have been extremely successful in the most demanding applications. Our wall designs employee airborne solutions, flanking measures and address cavity resonance. We produce and supply everything you need down to the fasteners, sealant and tape. Everything you need to install our materials arrives with your order so it won’t hold up your construction schedule.

Reflection control aids in delivering a tonally balanced and intelligible performance. Acoustiblok’s Quiet Fiber is a great tool in treating a performance-based space for ideal listening conditions. In the hands of the right acoustician or acoustical designer, Quiet Fiber will tune the space and prevent destructive interference at critical listening positions. Quiet Fiber can also be used at locations on the stage to create a more conducive place for musicians and bands to collaborate and perform.

If you need help with the acoustics of a performance based space, please call and ask to speak with one of our entertainment specialists.

Movie Theaters

With the advent of Dolby Digital Cinema Systems, DTS Digital Surround and of course THX. Modern multiplex movie theaters generate a lot of sound at really loud volumes in each theater. This helps to immerse patrons in the movie, taking them out of the real world and allowing them to experience the illusion of the director’s vision. But this illusion suffers catastrophically when the sound from theater next to yours bleeds through the walls. This will interrupt a quiet passage in your movie with explosions from the latest action release next door.

As the market called for a solution, Acoustiblok was formed. Acoustiblok’s Blok16 was the pioneering product that would catapult our company into the future of sound isolation and acoustical solutions. Blok16 is our prize-winning product, compiled of acoustical fundamentals and a unique formula to give it over 400 UL classifications; Blok16 is the perfect backbone of the sound isolation system for your theater.

The way Blok16 works is that it is installed directly to the framing of your cinema behind the drywall. It gets installed on all the walls, ceiling, and in some cases the floor. It becomes an airtight membrane of extreme mass and flexibility. Think of it as a sound-deadening curtain behind the drywall of your theater. The way it works is that it damps the walls, ceiling, and floor by lowering the natural resonance of the structure. Acoustical energy intersects Blok16 material and in turn, it causes the material to vibrate internally. Since the material is a viscoelastic polymer, it dissipates the acoustical energy efficiently within its own mass and reduces the sound transmission to the opposite side of the wall assembly. Blok16 in a standard gypsum wall assembly will reach an STC of 53! This is a higher STC than 12” of a cast concrete (STC 51).

To handle reflection control and in essence tune your cinema’s space, we feature QuietFiber (QF-2, QF-4 & QF-6). It is available in several different densities and thicknesses depending on the frequency ranges that you need control of. Quiet Fiber is perfect for controlling first reflections, early reflections, late reflections, and can be implemented as bass traps to aid in attenuating boundary effects within your theater. Please contact us to speak with a theater acoustics specialist. We have some that have over three decades of experience in this discipline.

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Entertainment Facilities Noise ReductionEntertainment Facilities Noise ReductionEntertainment Facilities Noise Reduction

Playhouse/Performing Arts Theaters

From multi-million dollar engineered masterpieces to small community centers, every single one is a performance-based space. The sole purpose is based around a performance of some kind. How well we perceive that performance is dramatically affected by the acoustical qualities of the space. What if the performers are un-intelligible and it’s a play? What if it’s a live band and you can’t hear the difference between the bass guitar and the bass drum? How about seeing the lead singers lips move, but not hearing them until a couple of seconds later? And a really big problem is what if the neighboring community is about 50 feet from the back stage doors?

All of the above pose different acoustical challenges, but it all starts with proper design, engineering, and materials to ultimately create a sustainable, great sounding performing arts center, or community center.

If there are neighboring communities you need to think about the buildings outer shell, doors, and windows (if any). To increase the OITL or to enhance the STC of the main structure, Acoustiblok’s Blok16 and QuietFiber (QF-2, 4 and 6), can be critical components in the build.

When Blok 16 or Blok 32 is added to a standard wall or ceiling assembly the entire assembly gets enhanced in terms of “TL”(transmission loss). By combining our proprietary isolation membrane with conventional construction materials we change the natural resonance of these assemblies. This combined with the difference in stiffness and being air tight, an Acoustiblok wall or ceiling makes speech virtually unintelligible from one side to the other. The overall sound level is reduced by 85-90% when a simple layer of Acoustiblok is added to a standard wall assembly.

Outdoor Concert Venues

Live bands and outdoor music events can flood a neighborhood with music that certain people may not want to hear in their living rooms, bedrooms or backyards. This has been and will always be a challenge with outdoor music venues. If some thought is put into sound containment measures around the P.A. system and or band location, sound propagation away from the event is manageable most of the time. Acoustiblok has versatile products that can be used as sound control measures to reduce the complaints from neighboring communities. Our unique solutions and products are modular, customizable and extremely sustainable. Our patented AWSP’s can be permanent or temporary with our caster assembly. Our caster assemblies give you the option of selecting the exact spot and angle to place our absorption panels to gain the highest level of performance out of them. Please feel free to contact one of our “outdoor music venue” specialists.

• Weather resistant panels with NRC of 1.0 & STC of 30
• Easily positioned, with caster assembly option
• Blend-able with “Landscapes” option
• Class “A”, No Flame, No smoke!!!

Music Production Studios

The conceptual stage of a studio project is when you need to plan for sound isolation. Acoustiblok has the products to help from the foundational stages of sound isolation; all the way to the reflection control and tuning of the studio, and the control room.

Acoustiblok’s Blok16 & Blok32 – The ideal sound isolation membrane to line the inside of the walls, ceilings, and floors of your studio. These membranes are extremely efficient at dissipating high levels of impulsive and sustained sound across a wide-band of frequencies. Blok 16 has a STC of 26 and Blok32 has a STC of 32. The most effective levels of attenuation are gained from implementing these barriers at the time of construction within the layers of your construction assemblies.

Acoustiblok Wall-Cover (AWC) – This unique material has the same acoustical attributes, as our Blok16, but is the solution if your studio is already built. AWC is glued directly to the surface of your existing drywall. It can be left as is or covered with wallpaper, drywall texture, or painted; the finish is up to you. By adding AWC to your standard gypsum wall assembly you can get results of up to a STC of 53!

QuietFiber (QF-2, QF-4 & QF-6) – This material is the icing on the cake. This is how you design the acoustical characteristics (reflection control and boundary effects) of your recording environment. QF-2 has a NRC of 1.0 , QF-4 has an NRC of 1.20 and QF-6 has an NRC of 1.15. All QF series material is extremely versatile and can be applied in several orientations to give you the perfect sound you’re looking for. Kill the destructive interference of the overbearing cymbals, squash the crippling edge of the lead guitar and give the rhythm guitarist the tonality he’s been looking for, then feel the goose bumps when that vocalist is pitch perfect. The bottom line is, QF series material is a tool, just like some of the equipment in your control room to help you achieve the perfect acoustical feel you want in your studio. QuietFiber is sold in bulk to give you the best value and most versatility in terms of form and function. We have custom densities and thicknesses available to combat some of the toughest acoustical phenomena.

If you need a high performance, custom solution for reflection control and modal attenuation in your studio, please contact us directly to consult with a professional studio specialist today.

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Film Studios

Acoustiblok has been an excellent solution for so many types of film studios. Since real estate usually comes at a premium, Acoustiblok can yield high performance with minimum space. At 1/8” thick our isolation membranes take up very little space within your buildings assemblies. Acoustiblok can be utilized in the walls, ceilings, green rooms, conference rooms, editing rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms. We can help prevent any of these operational spaces from interfering with your shoot! The unique Acoustiblok advantage is flexibility with mass and low resonance! Typically stiff materials can have coincidental dips in sound attenuation. They have crucial mass that’s needed to attenuate sound but fall short at several specific frequencies that we hear very well. The answer is a multi-layered assembly with Acoustiblok being one of the fundamental elements within these assemblies. Our AWSP’s can also be used around the set and property to be used as temporary isolation panel or a permanent barrier system around building mechanicals. QuietFiber (QF-2, QF-4 & QF-6)–This material is a sound designers dream. It’s how you design the acoustical characteristics like reflection control and boundary affects of your recording environment. QF-2 has a NRC of 1.0, QF-4 has an NRC of 1.20 and QF-6 has an NRC of 1.15. All QF serie