Acoustiblok Industrial Soundproofing

Acoustiblok Industrial Soundproofing

Solutions to Control the Noise of Industry!

Industrial Facilities – The first and most important reason to control these noisy environments is for the safety of the workers and management at the sites. If workers misinterpret a directive, or are unsure of directions, an injury is imminent.

The next issue is productivity; it is medically proven that the human body is adversely affected by long durations of extreme sound pressure or noise. Our nervous systems cannot handle the stress this type of fatigue causes. If a worker is stressed, or fatigued, he is more likely to make a mistake or not work up to his full potential.

The third area of concern is surrounding residential areas. The noise from a facility running twenty-four hours a day could and would drive someone crazy. If the noise level is too high in surrounding communities, they will complain and get the government involved. If this happens, it may also cause shut downs, and lack of productivity. At the end of the day, all of the above scenarios spell loss of revenue!

Acoustiblok Industrial Soundproofing, continued…

Acoustiblok can help prevent all the issues discussed above. Acoustiblok has resolved thousands of work place noise issues with our patented Industrial All Weather Sound Panels (IAWSP’s), Quiet-Cloud Panels (QC’s), Acoustiblok Baffle Systems (ABS), and Acoustifence (AF-6). Attacking noise at its source is easier done than said when Acoustiblok is on the job. If your plant has loud machines and processes, we can help you identify the limiting bands and assist in the design of a solution that incorporates one or several award winning products to reach high performance results.

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