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Traffic Noise

Traffic Noise

Maybe you just moved into a new home next to a busy road or the state has just put in a new road a little too close to your house for comfort. Either way, you might not like the constant noise that’s coming from the cars and trucks passing by. If this is the case, Acoustiblok may have a couple of solutions if the variables are right. Traffic noise can be a very complex and costly challenge to overcome. There are numerous variables that affect the outcome. Some can be predicted and engineered solutions implemented accurately. But, other critical factors like atmospheric conditions, elevations, and changing foliage can make final outcomes unpredictable to a certain degree. If the conditions are right, Acoustiblok has two proven product categories that can help reduce traffic noise near your home.

Our premium solution is Acoustiblok, All Weather Sound Panels (AWSP). AWSP’s are not just an ordinary barrier. AWSP’s are a special hybrid. They are comprised of several layers of very different types of materials to give you the best of both worlds. They have filtering materials, absorption materials, and blocking materials in terms of attenuating noise. They are a mere 2” thick and can be multiple sizes shaped in a square or rectangle. AWSP’s can be erected into a fence and in most cases audibly and visually conceal the source of your traffic noise. Typically, you can count on a 10 to­ -16 dB (AWSP) reduction of traffic noise using AWSP as a solution (results will differ based on variables of the site). 

A more economical resolution to your situation is Acoustifence (AF­‐6) . Acoustifence is simple product with amazing results. Acoustifence is a UV tolerant, flexible, mold resistant, ¼” thick material that has an STC 28 . It is designed to block unwanted noise levels from reaching a particular point of complaints. All you need is a chain link or other type of fencing and you’re set to go. Acoustifence can have mounting grommets placed in the leading edges making it easy to strap directly to your fence structure, (please reference our installation guidelines for specifics). Acoustifence is easy to beautify using our “landscapes” add-­‐on, or by strategically placing some foliage in front of your Acoustifence. 

Acoustifence comes in a roll that is 6’ high x 30’ long. To construct a taller barrier just continue to overlap another run until you have it at the height you need. Please feel free to contact us to speak with a traffic noise specialist.

Traffic Noise

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